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22 February 2016

Thought Leader: Christine Marcks

Photo: Christine MarcksSmall, simple actions can have a big impact on retirement savings 

"Saving for retirement doesn’t have to be as difficult as we may think," says Christine Marcks, president of Prudential Retirement. "In fact, small simple actions can have a big impact on retirement savings over time."

For example, for Americans already contributing to a retirement plan, setting aside just 1 percent more of their annual income can strengthen their retirement plan, Marcks says. And for those who haven’t started saving for retirement, it’s never too late to begin, she says.

More than half of all working-age households are inadequately prepared for retirement, and the number is climbing, according to recent research from Employee Benefit Research Institute. Statistics like this, coupled with the fact that Americans are living longer, demonstrate how wide the retirement savings gap has grown.

"The longer you wait to start saving for retirement or increase your contributions, the more you miss out on the power of compound interest," Marcks explains.

Interested in learning more? Watch a video of Christine discussing simple ways Americans can contribute more toward retirement. Want to speak with Christine? Contact Josh Stoffregen.

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