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11 April 2016

Prudential takes White House Fair Chance Business Pledge

Prudential Financial is proud to take the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge, building upon our long-standing commitment to equal opportunity. Our efforts to date have focused on establishing internal policies and supporting programs that rebuild communities and provide second chances to individuals and families. Internally, Prudential is committed to inclusive hiring practices when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent. We post our open roles publicly and do not inquire about an individual’s criminal history until after an offer of employment is extended. If it is revealed that a candidate does have a criminal record, that does not in and of itself necessarily disqualify him/her. Additionally, Prudential has provided nearly $50 million to support fair chance hiring policies by investing in businesses and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to inclusive hiring practices. These practices include assisting individuals with criminal backgrounds through workforce training, such as occupational skills training and workplace soft skills training, so they can successfully re-enter the workforce.

Scot Hoffman
phone: 973-802-2824
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