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16 August 2016

Employers can get help with managing disability needs

Image: Is ADA the New FMLA study coverPrudential Group Insurance is offering a new service aimed at helping employers that are struggling to meet obligations spelled out in the American with Disabilities Act. The service, called ADAdvocateTM Accommodation Support Services, is available to all companies with 500 or more employees.

With ADAdvocate, Prudential will gather medical documentation, handle employee communications, and help identify and track accommodations. In addition, Prudential case managers will recommend potential accommodation options and provide support during discussions with employees.

“It's a new world out there for companies trying to comply with the ADA,” says Jake Biscoglio, vice president, absence and disability, Prudential Group Insurance. “Many employers are not sure what ADA-related accommodations they have to make for employees and how to keep track of it all.”

According to Biscoglio, the ADA requires employers to extend reasonable accommodations to employees with a qualified disability, including disability leave, equipment -- like sit-stand workstations -- job restructuring and modified work schedules.

Research from Prudential released in 2015, titled "Is ADA the New FMLA? Insights on Outsourcing Employer Compliance Support Services," shows a significant difference between what employers know they have to do and what they are actually doing. Identifying stay-at-work accommodations that help disabled employees perform their job tasks, for example, was considered important by 96 percent of employers, but only 77 percent are doing this as part of their ADA program.

“Our research only confirmed what our customers have been telling us. They need outside help meeting their ADA needs and requirements,” Biscoglio says.

Want more information? Read the report. Want to speak with Jake? Contact Sheila Bridgeforth.

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