March 01, 2017

For too many American workers, financial stress can be a daily occurrence—taking a toll on health, productivity and confidence. Not helping matters is the human tendency to focus on short term needs and wants over long term financial goals, such as saving for retirement.  
“The good news is that, by taking small but significant steps, you can develop the confidence to tackle financial challenges head-on,” says Christine Marcks, president of Prudential Retirement. “It starts with staying on top of day-to-day expenses by following a budget and reducing debt; saving for longer-term goals and maintaining a rainy day fund, and finally, preparing for unexpected set-backs.”
In support of 2017’s America Saves Week campaign, held from Feb. 27 through March 4, Prudential Retirement encouraged American workers to save more money while balancing their multiple financial priorities.
“Over time, small changes could make a big difference. Funding your future side-by-side with managing current expenses is one of the best ways to build your confidence and reduce financial stress,” Marcks said. “It’s also a positive behavior that can give you a stronger, more confident foundation for Financial Wellness today and tomorrow.”
To watch Marcks’ video, please click here. To read a recent Hartford Business Journal profile of Marcks, please click here. Want to talk about retirement issues? Please contact Monique Freeman at 973-802-3745.