03-13-17 Hartford Business Journal
Power of long-term savings drives Prudential President Marcks
Prudential Retirement's strategy is to demystify the nuances of investing, even beginning with young people through a Junior Achievment partnership to promote financial literacy. "In our business," said Prudential Retirement President Christine Marcks, "we're trying to get people to recognize their own behavior in the way they think about finances, and trying to get them to adopt those good behaviors." Living below your means, as an example, is a good way to save money and live free of financial stress, she said. (more)

03-12-17 The Wall Street Journal
Your pension check may soon be coming from an insurance company
Millions of retirees are expecting to get a company pension check for the rest of their lives. Increasingly, the name on the check will likely belon to an insurance company. That's because of growing business called pension-risk transfer, in which employers with old-fashioned pension plans, such as General Motors Co., work with insurers to take responsibility for retireees' monthly benefit. Prudential has emerged as the leader in U.S. pension-risk transfer, having signed 10 jumbo deals through which it has assumed nearly $45 billion of corporate pension obligations involving more than 320,000 people. (more)

02-21-17 AllAboutAlpha.com
Why do alpha seekers find it in the small caps?
More han 60 percent of active small cap managers outperform their benchmarkes while only 40 percent of large-cap managers do so. QMA's Gavin Smith, vice president and portfolio manager, contends a clutch of factors contribute to misprices, including a dearth of analyst attention. Smith writes in a new paper that "when just a handful of analysts follow a company, even today it can take weeks or even months for reports and revisions to filter out to the investing public and get fully reflected in prices." That allows for alpha managers to get ahead of the process. (more)

01-30-17 Pensions & Investments
The Pulse of Emerging Markets Debt
PGIM Fixed Income Emerigng Markets Portfolio Manager Cathy Hepworth writes about the outlook for emerging markets debt in the current issues of Pensions & Investments. "We see attractive opportunities in hard currency sovereign and quasi-soverign bonds that we believe are cheap relatiive to our expectations for fundamentals and events on the horizon." Opportunities can be found in Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. (more)