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U.S. Based Businesses
Prudential Advisors, Annuities, Retirement, Group Insurance, Life Insurance.

Lauren Day 
Phone: 973-802-8547

Retirement trends, products and technology
Contact: Josh Stoffregen
Phone: 973-802-3996

Contact: Gregory Roth
Phone: 973-802-6585

Contact: Monique R. Freeman
Phone: 973-802-3745

Annuities and women's issues
Contact: Lisa Bennett
Phone: 973-802-2894
Individual life insurance, group insurance, long term care insurance and women's issues
Contact: Sheila Bridgeforth
Phone: 973-802-6852
International Insurance and Asset Management
International Insurance in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Poland and Taiwan. International Insurance Life Planner business model, Asset Management, Commercial Mortgage Lending, Private Placements, Investments/Mutual Funds, Public Equity, Public Fixed Income, Quantitative Management, Real Estate Investments, Global investment strategy and economic outlook reports.
Lauren Day 
Phone: 973-802-8547
International Insurance
Contact: Rebecca Boucher
Phone: 973-802-3823

Global asset management, asset allocation, retail and institutional investing, and economic and market trends
Contact: Discretion Winter
Phone: 973-802-7455

Contact: Mayura Hooper 
Phone: 973-807-7930

Contact: John Chartier
Phone: 973-802-9829
Financial Management and Corporate Governance
Financial management, earnings, corporate governance, shareholder services, sustainability, regulatory 
Scot Hoffman
Phone: 973-802-2824

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Technology, Global Security, Human Resources, Multicultural Marketing and Veterans Initiatives
Scot Hoffman
Phone: 973-802-2824

Veterans Initiatives, corporate technology, business ethics, global security, facilities management
Contact: Karen Moore
Phone: 973-802-8533

Corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy
Contact: Lisa Villareal 
Phone: 973-367-2503

Human resources
Scot Hoffman
Phone: 973-802-2824

Employee Benefits, Work/life, health and wellness
Contact: Peter Price
Phone: 973-802-6847
Diversity, recruitment and staffing
Contact: Alicia Alston
Phone: 973-802-4446