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Individual Solutions

Individual Solutions comprises Annuities, Individual Life Insurance, and Prudential Advisors with a focus on direct-to-customer products and services.

Lori D. Fouché

Head of Individual Solutions

Lori Fouché is head of Individual Solutions, which provides financial advice and develops, distributes and services annuities, life insurance and other outcome-oriented solutions for consumers. The group comprises Prudential Annuities, Prudential Individual Life Insurance and Prudential Advisors.

Kent Sluyter

President, Prudential Annuities

Kent Sluyter is the president of Prudential Annuities, a business which offers income solutions for consumers through the manufacture and distribution of a portfolio of annuity products.

Caroline Feeney

President, Individual Life Insurance

Caroline Feeney, is president of Prudential Individual Life Insurance, which includes Prudential Advisors. Prudential’s Individual Life Insurance business focuses on offering competitive solutions to meet the needs of consumers through the manufacturing and distribution of a diverse portfolio of life insurance products.

Salene Hitchcock-Gear

President, Prudential Advisors

Salene Hitchcock-Gear is president of Prudential Advisors, Prudential’s national sales organization. Prudential Advisors comprises more than 3,000 financial professionals, fee-based financial planners, financial advisors, and field managers, and supported by several hundred home office associates. These individuals offer financial education, advice and guidance, as well as insurance and investment solutions, to clients in all 50 states.

Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions comprises Retirement and Group Insurance with a focus on employer-based offerings.

Andy Sullivan

Head of Workplace Solutions

Andy Sullivan leads Workplace Solutions, which comprises Prudential Retirement and Prudential Group Insurance.

Phil Waldeck

President, Prudential Retirement

Phil Waldeck is president of Prudential Retirement, a leading provider of defined contribution, defined benefit, nonqualified deferred compensation plan administration, and institutional investment and risk management services with account values in excess of $417 billion.

John J. (Jamie) Kalamarides

President, Prudential Group Insurance

Jamie Kalamarides is president of Prudential Group Insurance, which produces and distributes a full range of group life, disability, voluntary, and corporate and trust-owned life insurance.

Investment Management

Investment Management comprises all PGIM businesses with a focus on money management for institutional clients. Click here to learn about PGIM leadership.

David A. Hunt

President and CEO, PGIM

David A. Hunt is president and chief executive officer of PGIM, the global investment management businesses of Prudential Financial, Inc. PGIM is among the top 10 largest asset managers in the world with more than $1 trillion in assets under management as of December 31, 2017. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and The Prudential Foundation focus on promoting diversity, inclusion, sustainibility, and social impact through Prudential's investments and purpose-driven initiatives.

Lata N. Reddy

Senior Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Impact Prudential Financial, Inc.; Chair and President, The Prudential Foundation

Lata N. Reddy is Senior Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Impact at Prudential Financial and Chair and President of The Prudential Foundation. In these roles, Reddy harnesses the power of capital markets to drive financial and social mobility. By combining diversity strategies, impact investments, philanthropy, corporate contributions and employee engagement with Prudential’s full business capabilities, she helps position the company to promote economic opportunity and sustainable growth.