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June 03, 2019
NBC News

Prudential's Caroline Feeney: 5 tips for thriving in a male-dominated industry

When you’re a woman working in a male-dominated industry, every day can feel like sink or swim. This was definitely the case for Caroline Feeney, who got her start in the financial services industry about 25 years ago. Though she was entrenched in a male-dominated field, she found career buoys and worked her way up from sales to CEO of Individual Solutions at Prudential Financial, Inc.

April 29, 2019

Building financial skills and confidence

Naomi Mulgrave, vice president of Strategic Solutions in Prudential’s Individual Solutions Group, discusses how Americans—who grade themselves as “C” or lower when it comes to financial literacy—can boost their knowledge to maximize their full potential to build lasting financial wellness.

March 01, 2019

Spotlight On Prudential: Building A More Just And Shared Prosperity

In JUST Capital's 2018 list of America’s Most JUST Companies, Prudential once again ranks first in the Insurance industry and places in the top 25 overall – arguably a result of the company’s dedication to this mission, as well as its persistent efforts to generate quality jobs, create inclusive experiences for employees and customers, produce beneficial products, and strengthen local communities, especially in its hometown of Newark where it forges strategic partnerships to build shared prosperity. 

February 22, 2019
Business Insider

Millions of American jobs are going unfilled because of the 'skills gap'

Prudential Financial vice chairman Robert Falzon says the United States' economic success is going to be reliant on closing the "skills gap" and that the responsibility should largely rest on companies like his.

February 21, 2019

Been in a job for four years? This insurance giant says it's time to consider a move

Rob Falzon has spent nearly his entire career at one company, but that hasn't kept him from trying — and succeeding in — six different roles.

June 22, 2018

'Marketing Today': Prudential Financial's Colin McConnell

For its 100th episode, the Marketing Today podcast spoke with Colin McConnell, senior vice president and chief brand officer for Prudential Financial. McConnell has enjoyed an extraordinary 27-year career at Prudential, rising from college recruiter to speech writer to being a member of the team that started the company’s in-house advertising agency, and then on to his present role leading that agency and the brand, which is one of the largest in the financial services category.

May 08, 2018

The Visionaries

With around $1.4 trillion in assets under management and about $3.7 trillion of gross life insurance in force, Newark-based Prudential Financial ranks among the world's largest financial institutions and as the second-largest life insurer in the United States. The numbers are undeniably impressive, and speak to Prudential's ability to anticipate market needs over its 140-year history.

April 27, 2018

The New Company Town

New Localism involves networks of public, private, civic and other leaders coming together to steward the local urban economy. These networks are working from the bottom up, rather than seeking top-down government solutions. 

Prudential Financial, for instance, was founded in Newark, NJ, in 1875. Its headquarters remain there, and it has taken a leading role in rebuilding the city’s downtown. Ommeed Sathe runs the company’s social impact investments‚ a portfolio of $700 million, 30% of which is spent in Newark, with a dual goal: financial return and social good.

March 07, 2018
The Star-Ledger

Newark's My Brother's Keeper program is pipeline to opportunity

There wasn't a place in the arena that didn't have a personal touch provided by Prudential Financial Inc. and the Obama foundation.

January 24, 2018

Taking Care of Business

Under Lata Reddy, Prudential is blunt about tying its philanthropy to its bottom line. Is this the future of corporate giving? As published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Volume 29, Issue 12, October 2017.