Subject Matter Experts

Prudential business leaders available for interviews for journalists seeking industry-specific information.  
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Bob O'Donnell 

Bob O'Donnell, president, Prudential Annuities, can address innovations that have transformed today's annuities into retirement income-generating solutions that can provide a guaranteed lifetime stream of income. He can also provide insight into the changing variable annuities landscape and industry trends on the horizon. Want to talk to Bob? Email Lisa Bennett or call 973.802.2894.


Bruce Ferris 

Bruce Ferris, president, Prudential Annuities Distributors, can answer questions about trends in annuities distribution, including the role of traditional channels like financial advisors and financial institutions, as well as new and emerging markets in today's high-touch environment. Want to talk to Bruce? Email Lisa Bennett or call 973.802.2894.


Quincy Krosby, a market strategist for Prudential Financial, can provide perspective on the financial markets and the economy. She can tackle issues ranging from consumer confidence to the impact of geopolitical events on the economy. Want to talk to Quincy? Email David Artuso or call 973.802.6408.

 Steven Marenakos

Steven Marenakos, vice president, Operations and Systems, Prudential Annuities, can offer insight on the role of technology in supporting the delivery of today's annuities products. Want to talk to Steve? Email Lisa Bennett or call 973.802.2894.

 Asset Management


James Sullivan  James Sullivan, senior managing director and head of Prudential Fixed Income Management, can discuss public fixed income trends, covering portfolio management and risk management. Want to talk to James? Email Theresa Miller or call 973.802.7455.


 Corporate Social Responsibility
 Lata Reddy Lata Reddy, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility, and president of The Prudential Foundation, can discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility and how Prudential improves communities by investing financial resources, business expertise and employee skills in programs that increase human potential and individuals' self-sufficiency. Want to talk to Lata? Email Lisa Villareal or call 973.367.2503.
Ommeed Sathe  Ommeed Sathe, director, Social Investments, can talk about how entrepreneurs around the world are developing market-based solutions to some of the most challenging social and environmental problems. Want to talk to Ommeed? Email Lisa Villareal or call 973.367.2503.


Michele C. Green 

Michele C. Green, is vice president and chief diversity officer. In this role, she is responsible for leading and directing all diversity initiatives for Prudential and for ensuring ongoing compliance with federal and state equal employment opportunity/affirmative action laws. Michele can speak about the importance of diversity and inclusion as key components for successful businesses in today's global marketplace. Want to talk to Michele? Email Alicia Alston or call 973.802.4446.



Beth Canning, manager of Supplier Diversity in Prudential's Corporate Purchasing Department, is a strong advocate for inclusion of diverse suppliers within the supply chain. She can discuss the management of corporate supplier diversity initiatives to ensure meaningful opportunities for qualified diverse suppliers to compete for business. Want to talk to Beth? Email Karen Moore or call 973.802.8533.

Group Insurance 

James Gemus

James Gemus, senior vice president, Distribution & Product Management, Prudential Group Insurance, can speak about the current sales and distribution environment and the trends surrounding group products including life, disability, voluntary and PruBenefit Funding (non-qualified benefits). James can also speak about larger trends impacting the group insurance marketplace, including the behavioral attitudes of employers and their employees and initiatives that seek to promote, ensure and foster the concept of comprehensive financial wellness. Want to talk to James? Email Sheila Bridgeforth or call 973.802.6852.


Terrie Sorensen, vice president, Disability Product Management, Prudential Group Insurance, can address trends employers face when implementing the FMLA and absence management programs. She can comment on managing the complexities and interaction of federal and state leave laws, determining whether unscheduled leave is a predicator for disability leave, and integrating leave and disability management practices. Want to talk to Terrie? Email Sheila Bridgeforth or call 973.802.6852.

 Global Economy/Markets        

 John Praveen

John Praveen, chief investment strategist, Prudential International Investments Advisers, LLC, is the author of International Investments’ global outlook reports. He can tackle question such as why the U.S. market reacts to events in markets such as India, China and Japan, and whether all global markets are linked together. Want to talk to John? Email Theresa Miller or call 973.802.7455. 

Health and Wellness 

K. Andrew Crighton, M.D.

K. Andrew Crighton, M.D., Prudential's chief medical officer, can address best practices in health and wellness, including how corporate wellness programs can enhance productivity. He can also discuss the vital link between health and work-life effectiveness and how to minimize work function limitations related to a disability or impairment. Want to talk to Dr. Crighton? Email Peter Price or call 973.802.6847.



Human Resources 

 Marietta Cozzi

Marietta Cozzi, vice president, staffing, for Prudential is an expert in talent acquisition, recruitment practices, employment branding and strategic sourcing. She can offer insight on how to best recruit, assess and select key talent that creates a competitive advantage for an organization. Want to talk to Marietta? Email Alicia Alston or call 973.802.4446.

 Andy Gregg

Andy Gregg, vice president, employee benefits for Prudential, can speak to a number of topics related to the design and administration of employee health and welfare programs, defined benefit and defined contribution plans, as well as legal and compliance requirements for certain benefit programs. Want to speak with Andy? Email Peter Price or call 973.802.6847.

 Individual Life Insurance

Brett Berg

Brett Berg, director, Advanced Marketing, Prudential Individual Life Insurance, can explain the impact of tax laws on a financial advisor's practice and how life insurance can help solve business and estate planning issues. Want to talk to Brett? Email Janet Gillespie or call 973.802.8012.

Caroline Feeney

Caroline Feeney, president of Agency Distribution for Prudential’s domestic Individual Life Insurance business, is responsible for the company's career distribution system for insurance and investment products. Caroline can discuss Agency Distribution's new and innovative approach to building and retaining a sales force that's based on quality vs. quantity. She can also share what clients at various income and life stages are seeking today and how financial professionals are addressing those needs. Want to talk to Caroline? Email Janet Gillespie or call 973.802.8012.

 Mark Hug

Mark Hug, executive vice president, Product and Marketing for Prudential Individual Life Insurance, can discuss trends, issues and products influencing the life insurance industry. Want to talk to Mark? Email Janet Gillespie or call 973.802.8012. 


Investments/Mutual Funds  

Scott Benjamin 

Scott Benjamin, vice president and head of marketing and product development, Prudential Mutual Funds and Separate Accounts, can address issues surrounding the support and servicing of advisor-sold investment products and overall trends in the mutual fund industry. Want to talk to Scott? Email Theresa Miller or call 973.802.7455.
Michael Rosenberg  Michael Rosenberg, senior vice president, Prudential Investments, understands the critical role financial advisors play in helping plan sponsors build and maintain retirement plans for employees. Rosenberg, who leads the defined contribution group, can also discuss the ways that Prudential Investments supports defined contribution platforms and the advisors who use them. Want to talk to Michael? Email Theresa Miller or call 973.802.7455. 


Christine Marcks  Christine Marcks, president, Prudential Retirement, can discuss the future of defined contribution and defined benefit plans, pension risk transfer, emerging trends in product development, new issues facing plan sponsors as millions of young millennials enter the workforce and Boomers transition, the impact of legislation and regulatory decisions on retirement-plan management and new models to help savers on the path to a secure retirement. Want to talk to Christine? Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.
Harry Dalessio Harry Dalessio, senior vice president, Sales & Strategic Relationships, Prudential Retirement, can discuss the trend of financial advisors further entering the plan advising business. He is also available to discuss the modern role of financial advisors, including their involvement in fiduciary oversight, plan design support, participant education and fee analysis. Harry can also address how advisors are growing into the institutional and qualified space through a retail background. Want to speak to Harry? Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.
Robert Fishbein 

Robert Fishbein, vice president and corporate counsel, Prudential Financial, is a tax attorney and frequent speaker and author on tax-wise retirement planning strategies, including maximizing retirement income through Social Security elections and tax diversification. Rob can speak to tax and retirement planning opportunities and the ever changing retirement planning landscape. Want to talk to Rob? Email Lisa Bennett or call 973.802.2894.

Jamie Kalamarides  Jamie Kalamarides, senior vice president of Institutional Investment Solutions for Prudential Retirement, can discuss trends and issues shaping the U.S. retirement landscape including multiple small employer plans. He can also provide insight on the challenges that institutional plan sponsors and intermediaries are facing, the legislative and regulatory forces at play, and the product and service innovations that are driving change. Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.

  Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy, senior vice president, Full Service Investments for Prudential Retirement, can discuss the new era of institutional income solutions designed for workplace-sponsored retirement plans. Sri can address how innovative lifetime income solutions can help plan sponsors meet the needs of their employees to and through retirement. Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.
Kara Segreto  Kara Segreto, chief marketing officer for Prudential Retirement, can discuss marketing strategy and plans for Prudential Retirement's lines of business. She can also address market research associated with competitive intelligence and strategies for general market outreach, plan sponsors, participants and intermediaries. Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.

  Phil Waldeck

Phil Waldeck, senior vice president, Pension and Structured Solutions for Prudential Retirement, can discuss pension risk management concepts, market dynamics and solutions for employer-defined benefit plans, including investment strategies, portfolio protected buy-in and buy-out, and full risk transfer. He can also discuss structured settlement and payout annuity solutions Want to talk to Phil? Email Tanya Valle or call 973.802.4370.

Barbara Koster  Barbara Koster, Prudential's chief information officer, can discuss the use of information technology in global corporations, including the formulation of policies, establishment of standards and architectures, and the development of guidelines and management practices. Want to talk to Barbara? Email Karen Moore or call 973.802.8533.


 Thomas Doughty Thomas Doughty, corporate information security officer, is well versed on security risks, as well as the tools and technologies companies can employ to help mitigate those risks. He can discuss data protection and a how to maintain a secure computing environment for employees, customers and others. Want to talk to Tom? Email Karen Moore or call 973.802.8533.
 Thomas Doughty Caroline Faulkner, senior managing director and chief information officer at Pramerica Systems Ireland in Letterkenny and head of the Prudential Business and Technology Solutions office in El Paso, Texas, can discuss the importance of information technology in global corporations, including software, architecture, contact center services and the establishment of IT best practices. Want to talk to Caroline? Email Karen Moore or call 973.802.8533

Work/Life Programs
Maureen Corcoran 

Maureen Corcoran, vice president, Health, Life and Inclusion, can address the need for programs that can help employees effectively manage their life and work responsibilities, including child care and adult care, adoption and foster-care benefits. She can also discuss how creative approaches to the way work gets done can help a company achieve its business objectives. Want to talk to Maureen? Email Peter Price or call 973.802.6847.