Once you are given access to Prudential’s Share It resources, there are a few rules of engagement you must follow—all of which are designed to protect the interests of the company and you, as employees.

Follow our policies. Before you start participating in Share It, be sure to read Prudential’s Social Media Policy and your business or corporate area’s Social Media Standards.

Understand that unless it’s specifically covered in these Guidelines, all of the other policies and rules regarding your conduct as an employee, such as communicating in a public company environment and posting and maintaining Prudential business information, apply. In short, if you decide to use Share It information, be sure to do so in accordance with these Guidelines.

Don’t alter the content. If you use Share It, stick to the Share It information provided. Don’t alter or add to it without authorization from Global Communications. That will ensure the information you pass along is accurate, approved and complies with our policies.

Identify yourself. When posting Share It information that discusses a company program or initiative, identify yourself as a Prudential employee. While you certainly aren’t allowed to make it appear that you are an authorized ‘spokesperson’ for the company by identifying yourself as an employee, others will appreciate that you obtained information as a result of being associated with Prudential.

Protect sensitive information. Protect your personal information whenever you interact on the Internet or communicate with others. In addition, when engaging in social networking, communications or interactions with others in which you are using or communicating Share It information, you must avoid collecting personal information from others that could even remotely be considered to be useful to you in your position with Prudential. Our policies prohibit you from discussing or disclosing any nonpublic, financial, confidential, sensitive or proprietary information about the company or its activities on social media sites or otherwise.

Be respectful of and to others. Don’t engage in any ‘war of words’, personal attacks, harassment, cultural insensitivity, discrimination or foul language in connection with Share It information. If you receive any negative or derogatory feedback or responses relating to any Share It information you share or communicate, just send it directly to Global Communications. Of course, if the feedback is positive, we would like to know about that as well.

Be thoughtful and careful. You are responsible for the content you publish, disclose or make available on your personal social media sites and pages, in the messages and communications you engage in, in interactions with others, as well as what you contribute to wikis and other forms of user-generated media. Not only is Prudential, as a global financial services company, highly regulated, but our relationships with customers and suppliers are ultimately built on trust and the valued products and services we offer in a highly competitive marketplace. You should always assume others—regulators, competitors, customers and prospective customers, and the company—are watching what you say and do. So be mindful of how you use Share It information.

Third-party terms of use may apply. When using Share It, keep in mind that these are personal, social interactions and not company activities. And they take place in an environment that is generally controlled by someone else—a third party who will almost always have terms of use, privacy policies or other conditions that apply to you when you visit, become a registered user or participate in interactions and activities.

Send feedback to Global Communications. Be sure to share any comments, questions or feedback you receive with Global Communications. Positive and negative feedback helps us better understand what types of information should be added to Share It and how to improve our ability to give you information that is relevant and meaningful, all while remaining consistent and compliant with Prudential’s policies.

Happy sharing!