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At Prudential, creative use of digital platforms is accelerating talent development

December 22, 2021

The battle for talent in today’s tight labor market can be fierce, but once employees are on board, companies face a challenge that can be just as daunting — how to give their workforce the business acumen they need to be successful in their jobs and careers.

This challenge has been exacerbated by workplace disruptions brought on by the pandemic — according to a recent Prudential survey, 58% of American workers are struggling to learn new skills in a remote environment. For new hires working from home, it can be especially difficult to learn the landscape of a new industry, absorb a company’s culture, or understand a company’s unique product offerings.

How does Prudential solve this serious challenge? It starts with a game.

Prudential’s new Business Acumen Learning Journey, an immersive, multistep experience with an online game, is enabling employees to gain understanding of its businesses quickly and easily and learn the skills they need to succeed at the company.

The game, similar in style to the popular series “The Sims,” begins by following a couple as they marry, build their careers, start a family, plan their retirement. Level two brings employees into a virtual office, where they handle customer inquiries, learn about the company culture, and navigate day-to-day business activities. Finally, players step up to the executive suite, role playing as decision-makers in the company.

All along the journey, players earn points for answering questions and solving puzzles that test their mastery of everything from types of annuities to the structure of Prudential’s global asset management business, PGIM. Moving up the leaderboard and earning accomplishment badges requires out-of-the-box thinking to reach decisions and solve problems based on Prudential’s corporate strategy.

“As Prudential continues to evolve and grow, having a solid understanding of the company’s structure and how it operates is even more critical to our employees’ effectiveness and career growth,” says Spring Lacy, head of Learning & Development. “By making the learning journey fun and interactive, we’re able to engage our people even when they’re out of the office.”

The learning journey is among a host of resources available on the company’s homegrown Talent Marketplace, an online career development platform that houses a library of free courses and skilling programs available to all employees. Through their activities, employees build a profile that showcases their learning and development. The platform also matches employee’s skills with open job positions and provides possible paths for career advancement.

Delivering relevant, engaging learning experiences is just one component of Prudential’s overall talent approach and drive to prepare employees with the skills they need to help Prudential — and their careers — grow. Learn more about Prudential’s Talent Philosophy on the company’s Careers site.

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