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The winner of Prudential’s life insurance sweepstakes feels empowered through increased financial protection.

By Kristen Olsen

January 17, 2023

Kim Dickerson-Daniels feels fortunate she was raised in a household that valued financial security. From an early age, she was involved in important financial family decisions, and she learned about the value of life insurance.

Later in life, her husband passed away suddenly. Thanks to their financial planning, the proceeds from a small life insurance policy helped her support her young children. “I just wish I had more in place at the time. We’re so used to planning for the moment instead of for the future,” Dickerson-Daniels says.

Her children are now grown and out of the house, but she still wants them to understand the importance of financial planning. Prudential is helping her to do just that, as Dickerson-Daniels won a $25,000 life insurance policy as part of a sweepstakes the company sponsored in recognition of Life Insurance Awareness Month.

According to LIMRA’s 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, over 2 in 5 parents report that it would take less than six months to experience financial hardship after losing a partner. Dickerson-Daniels, who recently remarried, says she feels empowered by the additional financial protection the lifetime Prudential policy provides her family.

“I have a sense of peace knowing this policy is in place if anything were to happen to me,” she explains. “At my age, I know I need to evaluate what the long-term financial landscape looks like.”

Dickerson-Daniels almost didn’t even enter Prudential’s sweepstakes because she had a hard-and-fast rule about not participating in online contests. She ended up taking a chance at the prize because of her appreciation for life insurance, and because she trusted Prudential’s brand. And she says her comfort level grew even more during the “seamless” process of obtaining the life insurance policy, after she won it.

Michele Frey, chief marketing officer for Individual Life Insurance, hopes Dickerson-Daniels’ story will raise more awareness about the role life insurance plays in financial planning.

“We are so proud to have been able to do this for Kim,” Frey says. “Her story showcases how important life insurance is—and that awareness leads to preparedness, protecting you when you need it the most.”


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