February 14, 2017

Amelia Borealis spends time with her son during the filming of Masterpiece of Love’s first episode.Prudential Financial recently introduced its Masterpiece of Love, a series of short films celebrating life, love, art and the regenerative power of the human spirit.
The series features the stories of four people who have endured significant personal losses and explores their relationships with artists commissioned by Prudential to bring the stories to life. The first film follows the journey of writer Amelia Borealis, who became a young widow after her husband’s sudden death.
Masterpiece of Love’s website also offers visitors an opportunity to share memories and photos of loved ones to  create a unique and collective digital work of art.

Want to learn more about Masterpiece of Love? Please read our media advisory or download multimedia at bit.ly/LoveMultimedia. To talk to someone about the project, please contact Discretion Winter at 973-802-6701.


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