The U.S. Businesses comprise Group Insurance, Individual Life Insurance, Prudential Retirement Strategies, Assurance IQ, and the Retail Advice and Solutions organization which includes Prudential Advisors. These businesses provide a range of income, protection and advice offerings and are supported by the global Marketing function and the Enabling Solutions organization, which is charged with enhancing and unifying the service experience for Prudential’s individual and institutional customers in the U.S.  

Dylan Tyson

President, Prudential Retirement Strategies

Dylan Tyson is president of Prudential’s Retirement Strategies business, which delivers industry-leading retirement strategies for growth and protection to more than 2 million individual and institutional customers. 

Salene Hitchcock-Gear

President, Individual Life Insurance

Salene Hitchcock-Gear is president of Prudential Individual Life Insurance, which offers competitive solutions to meet the needs of consumers through the manufacturing and distribution of a diverse portfolio of life insurance products.

Brad Hearn

President, Retail Advice and Solutions

Brad Hearn is the president of Retail Advice and Solutions, which brings together the extraordinary face-to-face advice expertise of Prudential Advisors with Prudential’s Hybrid Advisory team and digital advice capabilities – creating a single organization with end-to-end accountability for delivering holistic financial advice and solutions across the entire advice continuum.

Yanela Frias

President, Group Insurance

Yanela Frias is president of Group Insurance, which produces and distributes a full range of group life, disability, voluntary, and corporate- and trust-owned life insurance.

Caroline Faulkner

Senior Vice President and Head of Enabling Solutions

Caroline Faulkner is senior vice president and head of Prudential Financial’s Enabling Solutions organization, which is responsible for transforming customer service across the U.S. Businesses and enhancing Prudential’s competitiveness by driving greater value in cross-business initiatives.

Susan Somersille Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Somersille Johnson is chief marketing officer for Prudential Financial, Inc. In this role, she is responsible for leading the company’s global marketing and brand strategy to help drive profitable growth for Prudential.