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58% of young adults are still living at home, impacting their parents’ path to retirement

Jul. 12, 2022

Prudential’s new ad highlights the power of advice and planning, so Americans can be ready for retirement — whatever shape that takes

More than half (58%) of young adults in the U.S. are living with their parents.1 As American family dynamics evolve during these challenging times, “boomerang kids” are relying on would-be empty nesters for a myriad of reasons, including saving to buy a home, choosing to pursue higher education, and entering the job market later in life. This experience is shared by many Americans and the subject of Prudential’s new commercial.

This experience is the subject of Prudential’s new “Who’s Your Rock?TM” commercial. The ad celebrates that, with the right financial planning and advice, people can move forward with confidence and live the retirement they dreamed about and planned for.

“Many parents will do whatever it takes to make sure their kids land on their feet and are ready to take on the world around them, and that includes financially supporting young adults ‘boomeranging’ back home. For many families, this can dramatically change retirement plans,” says Susan Somersille Johnson, Prudential’s chief marketing officer. “While we can’t help parents predict when their grown-up kids will finally move out, Prudential can help give people a Rock Solid® financial game plan for retirement.”

“Planning for retirement can come with a lot of challenges and uncertainty” says Dylan Tyson, president of Retirement Strategies at Prudential. “We’re focused on helping our customers grow and protect their hard-earned money and achieve their long-term financial goals, no matter what road they take to get there.”

The new commercial is part of the “Who’s Your Rock?” branding campaign, which last year brought back the company’s iconic Rock symbol for the first time in a decade. The spot is airing nationally on select networks, as well as in major markets across the U.S.


1 U.S. Census Bureau; young adults are categorized as those 18 to 24 years old.



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