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Prudential showcases 19-year-old Ethan Quinn making his professional tennis debut and thinking about…Retirement

Aug. 24, 2023

New partnership emphasizes importance of planning now for the financial future

NEWARK, N.J., August 24, 2023 - Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU) announced today that it is partnering with the next generation of tennis talent – 19-year-old Ethan Quinn – in a brand deal that showcases Ethan at a new stage in his life: Preparing for competition as he makes his professional debut and thinking about…retirement.

Ethan will utilize Prudential Stages for Retirement and Prudential’s team of financial advisors to let his money work for him as he builds his tennis career. Through the power of compound interest, the investment could be worth as much as $2.6 million – nearly the value of winning a tennis title championship – when he is eligible for retirement.

“Ethan understands that the training and hard work pays off in more than one way, and is partnering with Prudential to inspire others to seize the moments when life goes right to plan for a better financial future,” said Susan Somersille Johnson, Prudential’s Chief Marketing Officer. “No matter what happens throughout his professional career – Ethan will be ready. And Prudential will be there to support him.”

This is important, says Prudential Financial Advisor and former professional football player Delvin Joyce. By planning now, Ethan can face his financial future with the same confidence he brings to the court.

“Earning a lot of money when young can create a false sense of security,” Joyce said. “Professional athletes are typically well compensated but are not taught how to manage their wealth. Ethan understands this, and wants to encourage young players to consider their financial future as their career begins, not when it is ending.”

As part of the brand deal, Ethan will star in an ad directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. The ad is the latest in Prudential’s ‘Now What?’ brand campaign and will premiere on national TV at the same time as the US Open Aug. 28-Sept. 10. It features a variety of inspiring moments: Ethan at center court of a large-scale stadium. Sitting on the sidelines. Walking down the tunnel. Preparing in the locker room. Near the end, he’s preparing for a serve, and hitting it across the net in what is now the exciting and defining moment of the rest of his life. The voice-over describes Ethan as an underdog, a long shot, a first timer. But it also describes him as ‘something that not too many people ever get to be. A professional.’

Green, a former college athlete who directed such iconic films as Monsters and Men, King Richard, and the upcoming Bob Marley: One Love, says his background in sports was one of the primary reasons he decided to sign on as director of the ad.

“I wish I understood the importance of saving my pennies when I was a young man starting out,” Green said. “Although I was raised to live in the moment, to be present, and that any day could be my last, I hope this ad inspires young people to save for the rainy and sunny days and create a plan for what’s to come.”

The brand deal with Ethan, which will also be supported by paid digital and social media, is in addition to a global campaign for Prudential’s global investment management division (PGIM) in partnership with Cam Norrie, the world’s #13 tennis player and the British #1. PGIM will be prominently featured on Cam’s shirt sleeve when he competes in the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon. Prudential and PGIM also will be featured on shirt sleeves for 40 matches at the US Open.

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